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Originally Posted by mai View Post
We had similar problem, i dont remember the name of the thread, if you insert disk 2 using the quickstart window it does indeed not work, use floppy window instead, then it should work.
Woohoo. I went to the floppy drives window and ejected disk 1 and inserted disk 2. That did it. Doesn't work with the quickstart window. Checking further, you don't have to eject disk 1, you can just use the button to the right of the eject button to load disk 2. This game was slightly annoying to test as you get a prompt that says press fire to abort intro after the intro is finished. If you don't hit fire at the prompt, the intro starts again, and you have to wait for the next prompt. Why do this? Eh. I nitpick. Anyway, now I can finish this game 20 years later, as my floppy had a read/write error. While googling, I got the impression that this game isn't highly regarded by the amiga community. i liked it. It might be the best of the Schwarzenegger movie tie in games on the amiga. Which possibly isn't saying much. Thanks, Mai, and to the forum members who responded to my question. Happy Easter as well.

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