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Cheers Prowler mate I owe you one now, a real big one too

I'll see what I can do, although I'm a little busy with other more important projects that *need* completing, so you may be waiting a some time before I can manage anything.

Anyway, why do you need new covers for something that has already got adequate covers Are those covers not good enough Even so, if you still want to pursue the matter, your going to have to give a full explanation in exactly what you're wanting. You can't expect me to take a wild stab in the dark and create something from the top of my head, I need info and lots of it, before I'll even begin to do something that has absolutely 0% DemonHellraiser interest.

BTW. Yes I got your PM, and your visitor message reminding me of the PM message you sent. You don't need to pester people in this way Kyon, if people want to respond let them do it in their own time, don't harass them to get what you want, people will end up refusing to talk to you + add you to their ignore list, so be careful

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