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yep just a custom case and keyboard, along with a little help from the guys at x-amiga, to ensure it has support for keyboard layout. rest of machine commodity x86 hardware, its cheap, fast and plentifull, and can range from tiny cd case sized mobo to full atx, so it can be as expandable or as compact as required.

ok i know x86 hardware is not as elegant as the amiga solution of custom co-pro's, but hey these days of dual and quad core CPU's with Graphic GPU used in conjunction (i have a rendering engine that utilises the power of the GPU along with CPU when doing 3d renders, so with clever programming its all possible)

Hell if only the complete cocks at would opensource the rights to the amiga OS, then we as a community could all pull together to create a modern, fast, lightweight on resources but memory protected update of the amiga os to run on current cheap hardware, apple has proved that switching over to x86 hardware and diffrentiating on design and user experience (after all new macs are just PC's in a fancy suit these days) the only diff being use of a EFI chip on board instead of bios. then we the amiga could as well
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