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i dont know ? every thing works ok with my AmigaSYS box setup so i know the keyboard working in shell.

i deleted my Emulation Folder on my PC and started from Fresh.
copied WinUAE 1.3.4 and my kickroms to the rom folder & extracted Classic Worbench to WinUAE folder and started a new install of Classic Workbench.

WinUAE Port 1 (mouse) Port 2 (none)

load the defualt config set my Kickrom 39.106O installed Classic Workbench with my own Workbench v3.0 , booting ok, now in a locale Pref setting Country to GB and languages to english. Plus tested Country (United Kingdom).

nope i'm still getting some strange key layout prb.

hmm i dont know i checked my local Prefs settings they are ok
WinUAE Port look Ok too hmm i dont know what going on

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