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>OK, uploading as we speak, had to archive using tar and gzip,
>since I'm on a Mac and don't have a convenient LHA or zip
>archiver, you should be able to decompress on an Amiga anyway. I
>have a Voodoo 3 in mine, but I haven't had much chance to play
>with it yet, waiting for my cyberstorm to arrive as that will
>require a reinstall of everything.

thanks and the archiver is fine, I keep a full gnu installation.

keep me posted about the experience with the cyberstorm when you
have some time... at some stage I'll place the PCI/Voodoo into
my 604e 233mhz machine also...

>Yeh I do using the Prometheus card (and soon Mediator with any
>luck). What is it specifically that you want to know?

in conjunction with the PPC 604e 233mhz and running games like
hexen and other ports of that nature even wipeout for the Amiga
and using frogger for movies... would you say I'd get a vast
improvement over my cybervision64/3D?

any tips or problem solving or problems you have encountered
running anything through this setup?

initially the PCI and Voodoo will be in this machine... a simple
060 a4000d... with 128 megs memory...

thanks for any consideration
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