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Prometheus PCI & Voodoo 3 PCI GFX Card

Hopefully in the right section... please move if not...

okay, decided I needed another a4000 this particular one comes with a Prometheus PCI Board fitted with Voodoo 3 PCI GFX Card...

I'd like information about where I can get the last released P96 software for it (can you upload or direct me)

How I can check whether it is a bus problematic one or a more recent rendition (apparently it was purchased from redrumloa in August 2004

and what network card is the best to get for it? I want quality and reliability and supported driver would be good too

I currently have two a4000s plugged into a router both running airadne ii cards and sporting cybervision3D cards respectively... time one (should be the PPC but probably won't be at this stage) upgraded graphics and network capabilities...

I already know there is only 12 megs/sec between pci and zorro3 and that is more than fine... won't go out a buy a pci storage solution just yet to utilise the 120 meg/sec alternative...

thanks for listening and helping out and joining me in celebrating a4000 config number eight!
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