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Just checked out the other two demos of Superfrog from Amiga Action and The One and was quite surprised that they were all totally different. Not only are the levels different in each game (the Ancient Pyramid in Amiga Action, and the Enchanted Forest in The One), they all have different title screens.

There were also notable differences from the final game, in The One demo there is a hot air balloon that carries Superfrog up the screen and also at the start of the demo there is a Sun graphic, neither of these appeared in the final game!

In the case of the Amiga Action demo when Superfrog picks up lucozade a sampled voice shouts out 'Superfrog', in fact this is the same sample from the original game intro by Eric Schwartz. There is also over the top advertising for Lucozade and Amiga Action throughtout the demo. The sampled voice never appeared in the game itself when it was released (maybe it was memory constraints)!

If these two other demos are added to the install then Codetapper will be an absolute god
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