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Another weekend, another cinema visit (because there is so much to see right now...)

This time, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

The bad: they really lay it on thick that "Mr. J" is not in this movie. So much so that they should have just paid Jared Leto so he could be in this movie one last time so they could show his face every time his name was mentioned...

Ewan McGregor? Yeah he completely sucks as a villain. He's just too... Obi Wan Kenobi to play a role like this. Yet again a DC title where the bad guy just stinks. Come on people.

The good: The entire bleeping movie. There is little story, because this is not a story-driven movie. The movie is called "Birds of Prey" but that is really more of a side story to get some more kick ass chicks in there; this is Harley Quinn: the movie. A soft reboot of the character to put her in the DC spotlight where she belongs rather than acting as a sidekick in a dead story arc of a forgotten flawed movie.

This movie has only one goal and that is to drag you from one insane R-rated over the top fighting scene to the next while making you fall head over heels in love with Harley and it delivers. This is how you make action movies. Breaking bones, flying teeth, comic book martial arts moves, adrenaline, humor, sparkles, bright colors, excellent soundtrack... and yeah, beautiful Margot Robbie in as skimpy an outfit as possible. And a hyena.

8/10 - solid gold popcorn entertainment.
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