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Bad Boys For Life. Remember those? The movies where Martin Lawrence's dialogue mostly consists of saying "Mike!" and "Oooooooh sh*t!".

It's still true!

Still, BB4L has a certain quality to it. To my own regret the movie continues the "I want to retire" story arc of Bad Boys 2 and doubles down on it; that's not what I want to see in a Bad Boys movie but of course it had to make a return. I want to see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence blow up half a city all the while spewing witty banter. Unfortunately the movie makes you wait for it a little.

Regardless, when the movie really gets going it returns to Bad Boys 1's form and in my opinion goes above and beyond. This is one classic 90's explosion fest loaded up with funny characters and dialogue. Don't expect Bad Boys 2's rock bottom toilet humor either, Michael Bay is not involved here (well... besides his really obvious cameo) and it shows as some class has returned to the franchise. Highly recommended.

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