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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
François Lionet is an admin on that FB group (as am I). He kicked Frédérik off and retroactively declared the Amos sources as GPL3. This not only threatens AmosPro X but also threatens the AmosFactory bugfix release as well.
Wait, what? Lionet kicked Frédérik off the group? That's a bit of a dick move.

I've not really had much contact with him back in the day, but lately he seemed to be a nice older dude with a passion for his original creation who had embarked on a journey to update it to a Javascript platform, all of which was quite charming. (Not that I personally would buy AMOS-for-PC as the Amiga is part of the whole AMOS coding deal in my eyes, but I guess others might).

Seems he's all about the money and is just seeing euro-signs everywhere now. Which is a great shame.

In the meantime, one other member of the AmosFactory team and I am shifting our priorities to the Enhanced E Compiler based on ECX sources and largely compatible with the original AmigaE. Hopfully things will cool off on the Amos front.
Yep, this is not a good thing at all. We shall see what happens, I guess.
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