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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Maybe as some pointed out conistent framerate is more important than hitting 60 fps.
Yeah. That right there is going to be the problem with Virtua Racing. The environment polycount is all over the place. You know the spot with the animated rides on first track ? That's, like, 3x more polys than at other spots.

To drop to only 30 fps there, the other places would have to be running at around 60-75 fps. The arcade HW was pretty impressive - I don't recall how many CPUs it had, but it was a lot (it should be on wikipedia somewhere).

Especially on a single CPU - say like Vampire.

For sure, once my engine is ported to V4 and running, this will be one of the early tests - I do have a primarily-racing 3D engine working already (with a recent support of direct import from 3dsmax) so I will be very curious myself.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Amiga ppl are used to lower FPS in many games :-) We used to think doom clones were perfectly playable at 15 fps
Golden days, eh I don't think my Wolfenstein ran at 15 fps other than perhaps main menu

Unfortunately, we now all experienced 60 fps+ on recent consoles and PCs, so it is now painfully obvious if something is running below 15 fps...

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Btw, did you ever see Paulo Cattanis work on Amiga?
He did some pretty impressive stuff in the late 90s when the Amiga was already on life support.
Here is his most famous game, VirtuaGP:
[ Show youtube player ]
Its almost hard to belive he did that on the Amiga.
Sure looks awesome. But what kind of framerate was it at that level of detail on 030 ? I couldn't play F1GP on PC for years because formula in simulation mode is virtually unplayable in anything other than 60 fps. It's hard enough to play *properly* at 60 fps, let alone with random and frequent framedrops. It took many upgrades till framedrops in F1 became thing of the past and by that time, I believe we already had first 3dfx accelerators...

I think it was NFS1 that made me realize that even though I could play classic singleplayer just fine at 640x480 at <15 fps, to beat friend's record times, we had to lower the res to 320x200 and it took another month to notice what he said when he mentioned that it stutters even at 320x200 on my Pentium 100.

It did, I just didn't see it at the time, as it was much better framerate than 640x480.

But to achieve great times, you need precise control in curves, and 25 fps is nowhere near enough for that...

I just don't see how 030 could pull this off in 30 fps. Maybe it had options to turn texturing and details off ?
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