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From what I've read ground plane should be layer 2 closest to logic and layer 3 vcc.

If you're asking what those light green traces are the long zigzaggy trace along the top and wide vertical one on the left looks like the analogue (audio) ground, on the A600 and A1200 pin 37 of Paula isn't connected directly to ground but is connected to a bunch of other things and has a shared ground at the audio connectors. A couple of the thin traces above it are for left and right audio channel which have pins on the expansion connectors, presumably for audio input/output for expansion cards? the u shaped one on the right and the horizontal one at the bottom looks like part of the +12V.

Could it just be because the AmigaPCB 4.1 is still beta? or could the 4.1 board have actually been 6 layer?

edit: it looks like the CD32 has 2 left and 2 right (internal and external) signals going to the expansion connector so that's what the 4 little traces are. Ideally you would probably want the audio stuff on the ground layer. +12V where ever it fits?

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