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Green screen means chipram checksum error, the first step is to remove the accelerator and see if he still gets the green screen on boot. Then the Amiga has developed this error with time, it happens (mostly for A500+? not sure)

Then again there's always a bit of testing to be done if you don't have the hardware yourself. If you set it up for OCS/68000/3.1, then certainly using an ACA500(+) default config should work flawlessly.

But the user should create a backup disk, then make sure he's running the latest firmware as per the Wiki.

If this is all true and the Amiga boots disks fine without the green screen there could only be a fault with the card or the setup really as I see it.

Obviously you can try with another card or without it booting to disk and if it works it's the card. He could even reformat as PC card and boot the card to a prompt. Or hold both mousebuttons and select boot volume e.g. floppy f.ex.

So there are a lot of ways to get to the source of the error.
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