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Im not a pro with the ACA500+. Just got it for a few weeks as well, but I'll try to .

The green screen with hex numbers is AFAIK the same as a guru but with more information.

AFAIK if you configure something AND save to nvram then the card should "remember" this settings. Further I guess that modern NVRam should keep its settings for a very long time (years+).

But this shouldn't be your problem because if you enter the menu you can just configure as you like. Can you enter the menu? If yes, just test a lot of different configs.

Also check connector issues and maybe power off and reseat the card. I had a small issue with this myself (7 Mhz -> freeze).
Sometimes also it helps to clean the contacts of the expansion port with an eraser to get better electrical contact.

Edit: PS: I tried the ACA500+ with 3 or more CF-cards to boot from. They worked fine. So IMHO the ACA500+ is NOT picky to what card/OS it boots from.
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