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So I ordered a 128MB Geforce FX5200 msi Graphics Card. What I Actually got was quite a bit better :-) I got the FX5500 256MB AGP MSI and oh my god what a improvement on the windows gaming side. as for sound in Dos games I have got the Soundblaster live ct4780 and I use the SBLive Dos SB16 Emu Driver and thus far I haven't had a dos game with missing sound :-) I would now say this is a Extremely Usable Dos/98 Machine. With Game Speedups in Dos, setmul works very well it Disables Cache to Allow the Slowdown needed.

Would anybody else have a Similar 98se Setup to this? and if so would they be able to tell me a 3dMark 2001se Bench Score to Compare mine to?

Motherboard:P4X266 (P4XFA) Socket 478
Processor: Northwood Pentium 4 2.8GHz
Ram: 1Gb PC-3200 DDR (Kingston)
Graphics Card: (Msi) Nvidia Geforce FX5500 256MB AGP 8X
SoundCard: Creative SoundBlaster Live CT4780

Also if I was to add XP to this Machine, How would the whole Experience be in your Opinions or is it Better Suited to 98 Only. My Plan was to have it Dual boot but maybe Pointless if it won't Run great.

I have LGA775 Stuff for XP anyway but I don't want too many Machines Setup at once haha
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