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A Resident Evil port is certainly possible on Amiga.... unfortunately, anyone without minimum a 68060 isn't going to be able to play it.

Even then, its going to need to be a cut down version.

All that texture mapping, especially when the character gets closer to the screen, all that restoring of those 256+ colour backgrounds, all comes at a price.

You can't really compare a demo to a game. The game has free movement, a demo usually only moves in whatever way the programmer wants, there are no surprises, no overheads to worry about, because the programmer knows his vector objects are moving in a direction to avoid all that.

As a compressed ISO, the original RE for Playstation is 277MB, unpacked its likely to be nearly double that.

All those backdrops need either converting on the fly, or someone has to convert them to something the Amiga can cope with for the game to run at a half decent speed, chip ram will be a massive premium.

So, if you've got a 68060 and a graphics card, Resident Evil is possible in a cut down form, but no-one is going to go to all that effort for free and for so few people to benefit from it, and, run the risk of Capcom putting a stop to it.

You can buy a PS1 for £20 from a charity shop.... why bother?
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