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^ Thanks Mike!

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
taking over my role in keeping the competition running (more) smoothly (than I was managing).
Don't think it's possible to improve on how this has been run. My goal is to keep it on the same level.

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
This officially kicks in for the 2018 season as I'm taking care of the end of this year (including the Knockout), but we're already getting him well involved in the private mods discussions, although we haven't yet got round to telling him about the initiation ceremony where he has to sit tied to a creaky old chair, with one foot a bowl of custard playing Dangerous Streets on the CD32, whilst singing It's Raining Men backwards in Swahili. I trust he won't reconsider.
Yeah no problem, I often do just that to relax anyway (except the language is usually Sanskrit).

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
So please welcome him aboard the Super League Moderation Train whilst I wake up just in time to check I have my belongings and hop off at my stop. I'm sure he'll do a top job in keeping things ticking over.
Thank you Graham! Hope you'll participate more as a player now like you've hinted at on Lemon!

Originally Posted by ED-209
Guess again

Hmm.. I can't even think of a sensible response tbh.. because a) it is rather shocking.. and b) you made me feel a bit sad now you bastard
Really nothing's gonna change except for maybe a scoring system that feels less punishing (and there will be less eloquently written texts now since my vocabulary is a bit limited). I promise to do my best to make the competition fun for every participant.
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