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Polymer Capacitor Advice (A1200 or any Amiga)

Hi All,

I am going to recap 2 Amiga 1200's because I am pretty sure they have not been recapped. 1 is an Original Commodore branded PAL and 1 is an Amiga Technologies NTSC. They both work fine but I know if they haven't started to leak, they will.

I see many opinions on cap replacement. Some are even using ceramics and surface mount tantalum caps. I would not switch to ceramics because to me it doesn't seem ideal. I am leaning toward Aluminum surface mount Polymer caps and Polymer through hole for the the non surface mount caps.

I like the idea of these caps because, they are supposed to never leak as they are solid and not liquid and they are rated to last a lot longer then regular electrolytic caps. Most modern decent quality PC Motherboards are pretty much using all polymer caps where they used to used electrolytic.

I know there is a service on eBay that replaces caps with Polymer and I have read that this is pretty reliable but thought I would ask if anyone has done it and if they have any comments on any cons or sizing problems?

Thoughts? Does anyone have a list of part numbers they used that work well, size and etc? This could apply to any Amiga really. Polymer caps are available in through hole too so A500/2000/3000 could apply.

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