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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
I also think that AROS should be the future, but it's just not worth it as it stands right now - if it's slower than unexpanded hardware, then most of the advantages of running it on the Vampire with its vastly increased speed are lost. That's what happened to most other OS's - you need a faster machine to be able to run Win10 than you do to run WinXP.

Much, much more development of AROS is needed but the Vampire will be ready for the real world much, much sooner than it is realistically possible to get AROS ready for the Vampire.

therefore i think too that the os must be efficient on baseline hardware. which is why i keep testing on my amigas without vampire. however i doubt we will get any further without the interest and support from the genuine amiga community. im doing my share as much i can but i st ill need to learn c coding basics before i can seriously contribute. sure, there are people around better suited than me, and yet you will find already some commits from me in aros repo aiming at amiga compatibility.
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