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disable FPU JIT in 68k seem not work, i get even if i change that before a new start same values with it enable

Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Thank you i had not noticed, i start to get old i am 63 years old

you can see my values in my screenshot, Used AFA OS PPC JIT "Indirect", tried to disable and abort JIT also with command "uae-configuration cachesize 0" but it does not change anything

With AFA OS 68K the speed more than 5 times higher (Screenshot taken maximum value)
what CPU /GFX card you have ? with 1024*768 i get 29 fps for PPC. but i get only around 100 fps with JIT direct mode in 68k. with JIT indirect i get 60 fps

that PPC is much slower is maybe because quemu support no JIT for PPC.I try test without FPU JIT in 68k but it can not disable. sysspeed fpu give same results.
You can increase with F7 the depth and with F3 the colums in voxelspace demo, so need more calculations. PPC get slower too much, this show that there is no no context switch slowdown or slow gfx mem access in PPC. I do not see any information if now qemu support JIT

when run PPC there is not much diffrence between 68k JIT on off or indirect. diffrence happen only in 68k mode
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