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Originally Posted by bernd roesch View Post
when change mem after reboot does not work. have you test save the config with more than 32 MB rtg mem and start fs-uae complete new ?. or maybe there is a diffrence in adding P96 mem between winuae and fs-uae. if you are in the fs-uae mailinglist or dev forum, maybe you can give link to here, so fs-uae dev can see about problem too.
I'm not sure if I understand you correctly; I configure FS-UAE by editing text file, it gets reloaded when I close FS-UAE and launch it again. The 2.9.0dev is based on WinUAE 3.3.0, so quite old - and I can't really update it to anything recent due to filesystem support bug (, which for me is a showstopper. I'm not on the mailing list and I don't sign up for them - but the FS-UAE author is present on this forum.
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