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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
On my FS-UAE results are slightly different - GFX memory size (even 128M) does not increase the context switch time, 32MB (or less) of Z3 memory is also fine. 64MB or more Z3 memory => slowdown (the more memory, the slower the context switching).

Checked using OS 3.9 BB2 + many patches, BPPC 68040, Thomas Richter 68040 library.
when change mem after reboot does not work. have you test save the config with more than 32 MB rtg mem and start fs-uae complete new ?. or maybe there is a diffrence in adding P96 mem between winuae and fs-uae. if you are in the fs-uae mailinglist or dev forum, maybe you can give link to here, so fs-uae dev can see about problem too.

I test with 32 MB z3 mem and 32 MB rtg mem. this work fast too

I notice when boot and when start a program (which load warp.library) without direct mem access in JIT can work later with direct mem access. so after syspeed have start i enable JIT direct mode. to do this there need press F12 switch off JIT then close the requester. press F12 again and enable JIT and choose direct mode. that it really works can see in sysspeed mem test. I start ppc voxelspace from warp up demos and it work ok. so there seem with the direct mode only have something Problems when warp.library is init

Boot with JIT direct mode do crash winuae (no DMP file written) when start sysspeed even if switch to indirect mode before syspeed start(and open warp.library). but boot without JIT start a program and later switch JIT on with direct mode seem work ok.
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