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Since some members have asked here in forum and i have got some private messages about how to contribute and where to upload, i have created an upload account for contributions.

Before uploading its recommended to compare against latest TOSEC release!
Current dats are available on TOSEC homepage:
So if you have something to contribute, put it on above mentioned server and we will do our job.

Thanks mai


HymnsomniaK - 2012-06-14 - some portugese scene releases
absence - 2012-06-19 - various images
thevoice - 2012-07-29 - many original DMS-archives
jhonny82 - 2015-06-28 - his personal collection
tomse - 2016/2017 - a lot of stuff
DamienD -2017-05 - a lot of stuff
Jan? -2017-05-24 - own collection, i suppose

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