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Hello all,

I have recently resurrected my A1200 setup and I'd like to do some programming on it.

I use LINUX full time and emacs is my editor of choice. So I decided to see if it would be possible to install an emacs environment on the AMIGA.

I'm aware there's a memacs port but while browsing aminet I found there's a version 20.3 of emacs proper from 1999.

Ok... would this be any good? I looked through the documentation and it seems to me like this package will be quite a job to install. So before I bother going to the trouble I wanted to find out what it's like. I googled around for information about emacs installations on the AMIGA hoping to find other people who have installed it and are using it. But I turned up pretty much zip.

So, my question:

Do any programmers on this board use emacs on the AMIGA? Are you using the 20.3 version off aminet? What's it like?

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