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Originally Posted by volvo_0ne View Post
Somewhere in the manual it says you can almost program a complete game in AMAL.

I got around to thinking about this, and have attempted to code a "space invaders" engine almost purely in AMAL and I must say that although it is a pain to keep track of things, and timing considerations are a headache, the results so far are quite fast and accurate.

Has anyone else tried such a project, and if so did you have much success?

see attached file (probably best with A1200 + Fastram)

It's a start, but could surely be improved ..

The game loop is...

Wait VBL

that's it!

Congratulations that start in your space invaders is very good, it moves very well and also you have managed to break the barrier of the 16 objects by Amal deactivating the interruptions, I agree with you that if you deactivate the interruptions in amal it is a nightmare to carry the control of the timmings because Amal what is good is just that to move everything perfectly and in synchrony when the interruptions are activated with the handycap of limit to 16 objects at same time.

Here is an example of our space invaders that is a mix of Amal and Objets by Amos basic, good as a concept is not bad I think , although I like your gameplay more than ours, it would be great to make a mix of your invaders and mine, exchanging graphics , music and the codes just in case.

greetings and to continue with good work

our space invaders:
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