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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
Another "lame" technique with password protections is to locate the random routine and make it tell the same thing everytime. Now change the password entry text with the proper word to enter: "please enter "pasta"" : done (but lame)
Not lame. If the end result is the user can successfully get past the protection entry with no issues other than typing the correct word, then you've done the crack.

I tackled Operation Stealth v4.0 and Robinson's Requiem in a slightly different manner, knowing they were interpreters, and its very easy to screw up other functions by getting it wrong, I simply hacked the game to be able to divert to my own screen come protection entry time with the correct page, line, word and protection codes listed so the user can get past the protection, thus ensuring that any checks in the interpreter code are undisturbed and will always complete properly.

I also did Archipelagos where it printed onscreen at the protection what word to type in to proceed.
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