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Some more comments.

In (probably near) future, at some point when i come to decision about wether to make the third trial case to the game or not (which i didnt have time during competition to do), I will at that point get this or the updated game to Aminet as well. At this point however, this will be Indiego exclusive for a while.

There is also a classic version available in Indiego, but dont hope too much. Current version uses MP3s and it also runs on HD resolution. On top of that, I had misunderstood how making single exes in Hollywood works. I thought stuff are loaded as needed, but actually some of the stuff, like Samples, are loaded to memory right from beginning.

Therefore my guess is that despite how simple this game is, MP3s will make it take 060 and preloading samples makes it take 32 Mb of RAM machine to work.

There is possibility for classic version with Wavs instead of MP3s and samples not loaded to memory directly, I actually already have converted those MP3s to Wavs, which would make game much lighter to run and less memory consuming.

I gave it a try already, but unfortunately due to time limit in competition, i resorted to some bad programming here and there, and it was not so simple changing it to support this lighter version as i thought and hence I might not do it at all, unless there are people showing their interest to it.

There are two possibilities.
1. a version that i can do already by simply changing all MP3s to Wavs, this would make it run perhaps on a 030 machine, but would probably need 128 mb of Ram (Wav samples would be loaded to memory at beginning)
2. a version using wavs and sounds are loaded as needed. Maybe 8 Mb of Ram needed to run and same maybe 030 machine to run it, but this would take some effort, as i would need to change some (bad) code.

If there is interest to either 1 or 2, let me know. Especially version 1 I can make quite easily, version 2 there needs to be more interest for me to take the effort.

Notice also, that since it is Hollywood product, it does require GFX-card to work on classics at all.

Sorry for no screenshots and video, I might make some gameplay video later.
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