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Thanks all!

Originally Posted by Amiga_CDTV View Post
Wow, this looks absolutely great!
Are all of these going to be targeted to a stock, un-expanded CD32?
Yep, absolutely. When and if a new Fast RAM expansion option for the CD32 comes out, we'll do a set of Fast RAM required releases to celebrate.

Edit: Having said that, a handful of the games we're doing would definitely be smoother if you've got an expanded CD32.

Originally Posted by Amiga_CDTV View Post
Would it be possible to do intro videos that would support the FMV module?!
Possibly, but I wouldn't know how to do it. I don't have an FMV module myself, but I'd be keen to do FMV intros if a cheap substitute for the FMV module ever becomes available.

We're actually taking an existing CD32 game and substituting just the FMV module only intro with a CDXL one so that all CD32 owners can enjoy it

Originally Posted by Amiga_CDTV View Post
As a suggestion for games, I'd love to see a compilation of some Taito coin-ops, like Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, Parasol Stars etc. And/or a Lemmings collection! Especially a version that would use the CD32 controller better would be just awesome.
Steve and I actually had both ideas ourselves but we ended up only doing one of them. The other one may come in a future month. Check back on Monday
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