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Originally Posted by duga View Post
My 2 cents for Jens:

Prio 1: Make USB standard. If not, make at least one PS/2-port standard for external PC keyboard for those with broken A500/A1200 keyboards or those who wants to stove away the computer.

Prio 2: Remove parallell and serial ports as they are replaced by USB (see #1). For those who really needs par/ser they can always buy a clock port expansion for that (and you get back some of the money you lose on making USB standard).
I couldnt agree more. USB should replace nearly all vintage peripherals and I/O interfaces. It would mean a manufacturing cost saving measure and a really cool built-in feature for users.

BTW, I understand the need for some form of video output, even if it is black & white. Jens needs to provide users with some form of basic visual diagnostics, because if not techincal support might become a nightmare. I can certainly imagine a scenario where users report that the board doesnt work and cannot give any bit of extra detail about this because they cant see sh*t if they have no video display.

And another thing that bothers me a bit, is that I understand that the board form factor will be something that fits an A500/A1200 case. But wouldnt it be better for us all, if Jens could choose a simple PC case form factor? There is a huge variety and availability of PC cases out there, and not the same can be said about Amigas.
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