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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Yeah the CF functionality on the ACA500 is excellent, you have your Amiga CF card in the boot slot and a FAT32 CF in the AUX Slot, both automatically mount and you get nice speeds, with an ACA12xx around 3.5mb/sec. I guess we should get similar results on the Amiga Reloaded.
Similar results would be disappointing. Note that the CF cards are part of the 32-bit IO subsystem. Although CF-cards (and IDE) are only 16-bit wide, this subsystem will make the data ports available in a transparent 32-bit register. This will double the raw performance. In real life, this will mean something between 7 and 10 MB/s.

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
I'm pretty sure he is using Lisa Chips so probably...
All custom chips are in sockets for easy service. No "pluggin things on top of chips".

Originally Posted by grond View Post
Where did he get the stock of old chips? Did they vanish somewhere in Petro T's times and now have reappeared?
It's pretty close to what jbenam wrote: I located the actual stock of chips in multiple locations. One had Lisa chips, another had Alice, and a third had Paula. During the late 90s, these people believed that they had "gold", and they could not agree on a project because everyone was demanding a too-high share of whatever money they could make. With everyone in the boat being able to block each other, new Amigas never happened.

Almost 20 years after, I managed to convince each and everyone of them to sell me their remaining stock.

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