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Ooh lot's of questions!

Originally Posted by AMIGrAve View Post
Looks cool !

Where do you fetch the right side informations from ? Textfile in each folder ?
A central database file with all the info stored in it.
It's in plain text because it's manually editible, it's fast to read in and it's easy to parse the information.

What format is the screenshot in ?
It's in iff format at the moment, 256 colours, 320x128 (* 2 = 256)

I may look in to gif somewhere down the line but png and jpg are going to be too slow to display on the fly.

What is the resolution of the screen here ?
It's a hires screen - 640x256 (*2 = 512), it's the highest usable resolution you can get really.

Do you plan a filter search box ?
My main aim is for the menu to be run solely from a joystick, I will add keyboard support, cd32 pad support etc. etc. once I'm happy with the features I really want to implement first.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Looks at bit like this AGS frontend they've used for the WinUAE Kaillera packs.
It certainly does. AGS is written in AmigaE as well and I currently use it as the frontend for my A1200 (it boots straight in to it).

AGS is the best joystick frontend out there, but I began to get a bit annoyed with it's lack of features.

My main gripe being that the screenshots are too big, meaning you have a really, really thin game list, which means you can't display long gamenames without truncating them.

Plus I really wanted to make it a lot more flexible... (more on that another time)

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