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The Game was original developed for Amiga and PC with a 640x400 pixel count in mind. It was the First high Resolution Adventure in that sense, because H.R Giger wanted the Higher Resolution.
But we never got this Full Screen version with correct aspect ratio ;and the semi forced 50hz mode was really hurting the eyes as well as the artworks

@Dr.Bong . I am always happy to hear from you.
I tried PatchLace on a ECS & AGA orignial Amiga. But no luck.

@ Retro-Nerd. If you would read the readme from PATHCHLACE you would know why a NTSC mode is so desireable, especially in flicker modes. Besides, the Retro-Nerd i know always tried to help, but something tells me, you are not really into it, somehow. But thats ok too.

@ Akira - Ohh, now it gets real !!!!!

Yeah Folks. Really Odd what happend to Darkseed on the Amiga, which is sad, because the Amiga version has the best musik n stuff. I also prefer the Floppy version over the Talkie release AND the Talkie has no Mouse support. WTF,
besides the lower resolution.

I know there are a few people here that could fix that, maybe someday.

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