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DarkSeed Floppy NTSC Fix Please

Hi Folks.

Darkseed needs really a NTSC Fix.
If you use the NTSC Tooltype with WHDLoad the Screen is waaaay down at the Bottom of the Screen. ( very ugly )

No matter what setting is in Data/Devs/System-Configuration.

Darkseed is unplayable in NTSC which is a shame because the Game would Flicker Less in NTSC and also would run better.

Besides, Cyberdreams where a Californian Software Developer, so why is there no Amiga NTSC version for Darkseed ???
It was made for Amiga and PC in 640x400. That is NTSC and the reason why the Amiga version looks so squished.
Same with the CD32 Version, it has the wrong Aspect Ratio
Sombody ,

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