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Originally Posted by White View Post
Hello Toni, thanks for the new 3.4.1 beta
OS4.1 freezes every now and then, do not crash
I can send a log if they can be useful? which?
the system does is copying files, that even in simple file information operations.
thank you
Unfortunately this is most likely normal. It can happen since uae expansion support was added, only way to make it happen less commonly is to have fast pc

Originally Posted by emufan View Post
of course something ahs changed, aas seen the other day before:
- p->input_mouse_untrap = MOUSEUNTRAP_MIDDLEBUTTON;
+ p->input_mouse_untrap = MOUSEUNTRAP_NONE;

I forgot that default was also changed. Anyway, jumping to conclusions instead of trying the option first is not recommended. Or at least asking.
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