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Originally Posted by invent View Post
Initially I was going to suggest porting Green Beret (but have crossed that off the list), easy to do and possibly reuse Rygar engine

But Castlevania port in 1990 by Konami as mentioned is terrible on the Amiga. So I took a few moments to create a mockup of a 32 colour version (no parallax)

Screen display based off the Sharp X68000, Reference sprites:

Could possibly reuse/rework Rygar engine? I did do a quick test of 16 colour foreground/8colour background, which works well for first level but future levels have alot more colour variation and personally would easily skip the parallax for more colour for this particular game.
Later levels of the X68000 versions are *completely* different from the NES original. You can't use the X68k graphics to do a port of the original game.
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