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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
Yes, I'm currently trying to separate "up" from "button 2". Currently this is not done. Requires some debugging. The game is worth "saving". A few hours work, tops.

But even with better controls, the game lacks a lot of features from the arcade. The dogs, a very short level 2 (probably because of the hard jump), very easy last boss (doesn't seem to hit back with his blade). Still good because they tried to retain original graphics & sounds & gameplay.
Its been a while but I'm nearly sure there are dogs in the 4th level in the forest along with the ninja on fire but yes I know these should be on the first level also.
I could be wrong though and can't check atm.

As a port I liked it warts and all.
Back in the day I nicked it from a computer store. It was a pirate copy that they were using to show off games on the Amiga along with some others and ST games. Don't judge I was only 13 lol.
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