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Posts: 858 - that's what I was looking for. Although I see that the Australian leagues are not among the leagues which have been updated. Can anyone recommend a good (non-computer related) football site which might help? I guess I might have to start watching some of the local matches on the community network to get this info.

I just installed the update, noticed quite a few of the players (lots more than in previous updates) don't have a surnames.

I can probably give you a hand if you want to update the English leagues (particularly the lower divisions). Might try and update Championship Manager at the same time...
That sounds perfect, basing stats on expert knowledge of local leagues would be much better than making it up. How do the teams in the SWOS update compare with your knowledge of the current fixtures?

And yeah, I noticed a couple of Championship Manager fan threads here already, and I guess that the information could be transposed across games. Which is why I called the thread 'football...' instead of 'swos...'.

A quick google turned up: . Although it seems to be more about recent PC/MAC versions, I might try asking there, and over at the SWOS forum also. But I don't see any reason why the information couldn't be transposed across many management games.

finally thanks Sensi for the list. As you can see only six of the sixteen-man squad are playing in the Aussie league, which made selecting that national team a bit of a pain, especially if one does not know where to find the star players.
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