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@darkelf Ambient Occlusion needs quite a lot of detail to look interesting. Your average Amiga cant handle a lot of polygons so it would probably look more like oldskool gourard shading anyway.

Also, real time Ambient Occlusion is calculated in ScreenSpace and was not seen until DirectX 10 (I think) hardware came along with more generalized fancy pixel shaders and such... (I think Crysis was the first game to use SSAO and it basically ran like crap on anything below a GeForce 8800 with its 20 billion texel fill rate)

On the Amiga you could ***in theory*** do these calcs on the CPU but it would be much, much...MUCH too slow to be useful.
I dont have the technical know how to tell you what and how much the copper and the blitter could help out, but Im gonna venture a guess here and sit around, waiting to be proved wrong ;-)
:I say, it cant be done with anything more complex than a really super simple scene... (even if you fake it with coarse approximations and interpolation).
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