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Sorry for interrupting guys,
I am no where in position to discuss with you on this matter, because I don't have a clue about amiga programming (neither I know what is: Copper or the Blitter).
I was dragged out here by a thread that ReadOnlyCat posted on his first post.
I am doing a 3D graphics.

I have one question:
In 3D, we have an option (it's kind of a trick) to fake some real lighting, and render Ambient Occlusion procedural shader.
Here is the samples:

So, all the shader is doing is calculating distance from surfaces of the polygons. The close the surface is - the more black is... and that's it.
Or simply said: If it's corner - it's black. If it is just an open wall, it is white.

So.. what about doom clone without textures? Yet, incredibly looking using this technique? I don't know if it's possible easily to write something like this. Pure solid colors on the walls, but shaded using ambient occlusion (or any technique that will make corners be gradiently black... to white).
Enemies - vectors. Similar to Another World, or Elite... or even.. enemies could been bitmaps, after all.

Cheers to all!
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