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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Ok, this is off topic, but I just wondered if you guys have watched this "behind the scenes" of a c64 demo group (Ninja/ The Dream)
[ Show youtube player ]

Intertesting stuff. Particularly the part where they talk about the fact that some hacks didn't surface until like after 20 years as its actually about learning the flaws in the chips and use them to your advantage.
Furthermore they talk about how self modifying code is essential to cram the most out of the c64.
From that point of view, I get the feeling the c64 has been pushed far more beyond it's -assumed- limits than the A500..?
Isn't the "problem" that the Amiga hardware is too well documented and structured? Or phrased different: that there aren't to many places where undocumented features can hide?

Edit: a bit OT, super speculative etc. how about adding some hardware to get chunky graphics?

The general idea being that one set up a 4 BPL mode at 640x256, set up the bitplane registers with a fixed pattern (4 pixels each of color 0, 1, 2, 3) and then enable hardware to redirect bitplane fetches to color registers.
There are many potential problems but I don't know enough to even see if it could ever work. Anybody else?

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