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Amiga 4000 hw resurrection workshop

Hi All,

I need some suggestions what to modify on my A4000.
Currently what I have:
CSPPC 240 / 060@50 MHz, 128 MB ram;
HD Floppy drive
4.3GB WDigital UWSCSI HDD;
30 GB Maxtor IDE HDD;
Pioneer DVDRW;
Arxon scandoubler;
some additional basic things like orig keyb and mouse;
Micronik tower with lots of space

IDE2SATA converter
IDE2CF converter
Powerflyer / FastATA
KickFlash board

but overall to have a config which can operates with my OS3.9 and OS4 environment flawlessly and possibly massive noise level reduction. I also would like to minimize the nr cold/warm resets.

Any suggestions, recommendations?

ThX at all,

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