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More details:
The board has a couple of very useful connectors(apart from the CPU, PCI and AGP slots):
-one for debugging the CPU
-another one for flashing the card's logic (this can also be done in '020 fallback mode' form amigaOS -- the flash memory is simply available at a specific address the os has access to [if anyone has seen the short clips mr. Binek form Elbox is using a prog called CoreEye to show this feature)
-and two more for the fast ethernet controllersX2 and USB2.0 and four UART-like ports(highly configurable) integrated in the ColdFire chip[Elbox will offer an attachment with the necessary ports in place that can be placed on a towered systems' back plate]
-an ATX power slot + things like LEDs, etc.

I don't know if drivers for these integrated controllers are available just yet but mr. Binek believes that end users will go for cheap PCI equivalents(well actually I would prefer to use the integrated ones)

As far as speed is concerned the card has to emulate some instructions and this results in slowdown with aplications that use these heavily. With emulation the speed varies between a 040 and 060 CPUs. When a program is compiled especially for the CF it really picks up but you need the sources to do this(Elbox is in touch with some authors of software titles[no names as yet] to provide such versions). There are compilators available on the Amiga that can produce CF code and a pc program that translates 68k asm to CF asm.
Elbox is also trying to port AROS that can use a1200's h/d to this board.

The video doesn't show a dvd being decoded but a TV card with a stand alone DVD player plugged into it.

I'll try to keep you posted as I learn more

Ahh.. SysInfo recognises the board as a 030 clocked at 1700MHz
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