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No Man's Sky - will it flop??

It seems many are hopping for flop with this title announced for PS4 and PC, and yet moved again to be released in less then a month.

Firstly, I had no idea that only 20 indie devs are working on it, which does question quality and somewhat questionable decisions into account, but can also turn into something great, as many indie games did before. Still, team of 20 is not that questionable as number of promised planets - 18 quintillion (that would be 1 followed by 18 zeroes - to count a single number per second, would take you about 57 million years )) and all of that just in 6GB?! Not to mention all live forms and everything else in game...

I agree with some articles, that there has been some misscounception regarding what the game is all about... and we have few more weeks to find out... if you will to pay 60 bucks for an indie game...

What you guys think??
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