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Originally Posted by Sinphaltimus View Post
Now, it's one of my favorite tools to stay in touch with friends and family I do not get to see much anymore
"Social" media has sold to people the illusion of "keeping in touch" online.
Keeping in touch implies real interaction. Even if you know exactly what your mom had for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, doesn't mean you are keeping in touch with her if you don't call or visit her and ask her how she is doing, and tell her how you are.

This is one of the biggest hooks of things like FB, and to me the most misleading one. By thinking we are "keeping in touch" with people using it we are fooling ourselves. I know I had for years, especially with family and friends spread around the planet, so I am not judging you, but I hope that by talking about it, people can make a better assessment of what really goes on when we use these "tools" (not tools), the consequences, and what they are closing themselves to.

Basically your being there, your activity, is the "currency" they sell (engagement), and what they sell, allows them to be a misinformation platform responsible for shit like spreading hate and fake news.

That is one of many reasons to lose one's shit about Facebook, or rather, just stop plain using it (I would not consider that "losing one's shit").
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