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Excellent work!

Do you have plans for a J2ME MIDlet version for mobile devices?

Perhaps a conversion to iPhone could sell too, especially with ringtone capabilities

AlgoMusic and SoundHelix raise an interesting philosophical question: Could computers ever compose what is considered "art" music?

While the kind of trance tunes generated by SoundHelix are not normally considered "art" music (but still impressive for a machine), perhaps in future, if we have an expert programmer with the musical genius of Mozart, we could see software producing music of sufficient quality to be considered "art".

The question here is though - who is the real "artist", the computer or the programmer? Suppose one day, we see a sophisticated computer program churning out symphonies to rival that produced by the finest human composers.

I would argue that each individual machine composition is not a unique "work of art", but in reality a variation of the same themes enabled by the programmer/artist (in this context, the programmer is both artist and software engineer).

In actuality, the use of computer algorithms to compose music is just another, albeit high-tech tool in the musician's toolkit. The Amiga's Paula chipset and AlgoMusic were forerunners in this form of music generation. Hopefully SoundHelix will be just a new beginning.

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