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I have a 6.4GB and a 20GB drive available, but I remeber reading somewhere about a 4GB or 400MB I imagining this or not?
With Kickstart 3.1 and below, you cannot access more than the first 4GB of the drive. There are software patches to overcome this limit, but you need quite some experience to install them.

With Kick 2.05, you also have to look at the internal version ( There are three versions: 37.299 does not recognise any HDD, 37.300 can handle up to 40MB (more only if you are lucky) and 37.350 should be able to handle the entire 4GB.

As for Kick 3.1: if you don't plan to use WB 3.1, too, you can stick with Kick 2.0. However, Kick 3.1 + WB 3.1 *is* worth the money IMHO.

Regarding RAM expansion, AFAIK it is quite difficult to get expansions for the A600. If you want more RAM than fits into the trap door, you need an accelerator with fast RAM option. These are difficult to find.
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