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OK, it took me a damn while, didn't it? :P

I still get this problem and it pisses me off. WHDLoad is in C and C is clearly and obviously in the path.

Here's SnoopDOS' log, I can't make up what the fuck is going on:

Count Process Name       Action     Target Name                 Options Res.
----- ------------       ------     -----------                 ------- ----
1     WBL                OpenLib    workbench.library           Ver 36  OK  
2     WBL                #COPY_DIR     91B30                    SSD1    OK  
3     WBL                #EXAM_OBJE    92CC4,    B16A1          SSD1    OK  
4     WBL                #PARENT       92CC4                    SSD1    OK  
5     WBL                #FREE_LOCK    92CC4                    SSD1    OK  
6     WBL                #EXAM_OBJE    92E14,    B16A1          SSD1    OK  
7     WBL                #PARENT       92E14                    SSD1    OK  
8     WBL                #FREE_LOCK    92E14                    SSD1    OK  
9     WBL                #EXAM_OBJE    92CC4,    B16A1          SSD1    OK  
10    WBL                #PARENT       92CC4                    SSD1    OK  
11    WBL                #FREE_LOCK    92CC4                    SSD1    OK  
12    WBL                #EXAM_OBJE    92E14,    B16A1          SSD1    OK  
13    WBL                #PARENT       92E14                    SSD1    Fail
14    WBL                #FREE_LOCK    92E14                    SSD1    OK  
15    WBL                ChangeDir  SSD1:WHDLoad/Demos/242                  
16    WBL                #COPY_DIR     91B30                    SSD1    OK  
17    WBL                #EXAM_OBJE    92CC4,    B166B          SSD1    OK  
18    WBL                #PARENT       92CC4                    SSD1    OK  
19    WBL                #FREE_LOCK    92CC4                    SSD1    OK  
20    WBL                #EXAM_OBJE    92E14,    B166B          SSD1    OK  
21    WBL                #PARENT       92E14                    SSD1    OK  
22    WBL                #FREE_LOCK    92E14                    SSD1    OK  
23    WBL                #EXAM_OBJE    92CC4,    B166B          SSD1    OK  
24    WBL                #PARENT       92CC4                    SSD1    OK  
25    WBL                #FREE_LOCK    92CC4                    SSD1    OK  
26    WBL                #EXAM_OBJE    92E14,    B166B          SSD1    OK  
27    WBL                #PARENT       92E14                    SSD1    Fail
28    WBL                #FREE_LOCK    92E14                    SSD1    OK  
29    WBL                Load       SSD1:WHDLoad/Demos/242/WHDL         Fail
30    WBL                *Open      SSD1:WHDLoad/Demos/242/WHDL Read    Fail
31    WBL                #FINDINPUT    92CC5,    91B30,    91AC SSD1    Fail
32    WBL                ChangeDir  SYS:                                    
33    WBL                OpenFont   MicroKnight.font            Size 8  OK

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