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It sounds unlikely that all 30 disks are completely dead. You didn't format them all before you put them away and then forgot about it?

When you put in the disk, do you hear multiple clicks from the drive before the kickstart screen returns, or does it show again immediately?

Since you had a leaking battery, I would suspect that it could have caused some broken connections between the drive and the 8520 chips. I would do a detailed visual inspection of the area around the two 8520 chips and towards the floppy connector and check for miscolored tracks or black vias (should all be shiny silver colored).

If you can't find anything visually, the next step should probably be to try another disk drive. PC drives won't work directly, but any Amiga drive could be used for the test, if you can find one to borrow.

You cannot use a USB PC floppy drive for reading or testing Amiga disks.
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