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Question Return to Deluxe Paint


As a former Amiga game designer (see my HOL page for info), I just can't find a modern pixel art tool that equals the versatility of good old DPaint.

Overwhelmed by a pixel art love revival, I really want to return to DPaint, but I am a complete emulation rookie. Any help on how to get DPaint running on MacOS would be greatly appreciated.

Some questions:

• What is the best Amiga emulator for MacOS? FS-UAE?
• What's the best workflow to get DPaint up and running with as little hassle as possible?
• Is there maybe a prefab pack containing all the necessary files, such as a Kickstart, Workbench and harddisk file containing DPaint? I've got the original DPaint IV and V in my Amiga software collection, so it wouldn't be piracy.
• What's the easiest way to convert DPaint's IFF images and animations to GIF images and animations for use in MacOS?

Many thanks in advance!

— Metin Seven (Team Hoi)
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