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Ok, thanks for clarification.
Background was as follows:
I wanted to do full backup of an old Amiga, first Harddrives to PFS3-formatted CF-Card, then CF-Card to external PC harddisk. "Add directory-drive" would have been most handy because of easy access to stored files.

On the Amiga I found softlinks and hardlinks. I don't know where both kinds of links came from originally. Most links are in a Geek Gadgets partition.

Copying the CF-card to a PFS3 formatted hardfile seems to work fine.

To be honest I still dit not fully understand the way links work. On Linux the are transparent to an application, on the Amiga I read the application has actively to support them? Would an enhanced DOS-library solve that problem? Or what should I as an a programmer do dow deal with links correctly?

regards selco
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